Why Bible Coach?

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Left to Right: Doug Brunell, Son (graduate ISU), & wife Joan


Every semester I am amazed at the confidence our students gain.  Some students come very fearful of their ability to succeed.  At Bible Coach we take down the walls that separated people from learning. Soon they are learning more about the Word of God than they ever imagined.  I am so glad that Bible Coach is available to those who would never think that college level learning was for them.

Join us and see what Bible Coach can do for you!

Douglas R Brunell, pastor ALFC & founder of Bible Coach




Why Bible Coach?

Most Christians believe in salvation by grace. It doesn’t matter how bad you are, Jesus loves you and will save you. That is a common message. But then as soon as they have received God’s gift of grace, it seems to become necessary for them to complete their salvation through works. They need to pray more, give more, serve the church more, fast, act better, be more loving, the list goes on and on. But you can never do more to make God love you more. You can never do enough to make God hear your prayers. Convincing a million people to do something good for God doesn’t get you any closer to Him than the worst sinner.

Consequently, people serve God out of a sense of shame and inadequacy. The problem is if someone makes you feel bad every time you are around them, you will avoid them. And that is ultimately what people do to God. Many become angry with God. Others wouldn’t dare act like they were angry but the truth is they don’t really like God. I have watched countless individuals receive Jesus with great excitement only to fall away when they can never be good enough.

One of the biggest misconceptions today is that God causes evil to come into our lives to help us become better. You hear feel good phrases like, “God loves me enough to let me hurt.” No matter how betrayed you feel, you are supposed to act as if you like being squished by God. No wonder so many Christians are so powerless.

I preach my heart out on Sundays and any other time I get a chance. But it simply isn’t enough. You cannot learn everything you need to know by listening to a few sermons each week. Knowing God means knowing God’s Word. Knowing His Word doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by diving in deep. I was fortunate to go to Bible College for one year. Every morning Monday through Friday I spent four hours in class hearing lectures. That is over 700 hours of lectures. Then there was all the reading and studying after class. It was hard and expensive, but it changed my life. Well I know most Christians simply will not have that opportunity. That is why I started Bible Coach. It is a way for you to get the same level of knowledge a Bible student would get. No watering it down for the masses. And a formal class will keep you going when you otherwise wouldn’t.

I believe Bible Coach will transform your life through an accurate understanding of God’s love and what he achieved for you through the price Jesus paid on the Cross. Don’t let excuses keep you away from this wonderful opportunity. Check out the rest of this site for more information about classes and the low cost.

Doug Brunell, pastor ALFC and founder of Bible Coach